Join FoxLv Online II
FoxLv Online II is a new kind of Tales of Pirates II server. With our players as our central focus, We are committed to constant development and player support. Without Item Mall, We can equally prioritize all players regardless who you are, We strongly believe in treating all players with same opportunities to become the next pirate king. Our friendly community are pleased to collaborate and help everyone including newbies. The Developers work very closely with community so the game can be built for players instead of profit.
In-Game Shop: A Item Mall Evolution
In-Game Shop provides a way for all players to purchase items typically available at item mall without real world currency. Replacing Item Mall, Award Center, and Clubs with all in one In-Game Shop(IGS). There has never been more fair and balance server. Instead of purchasing Item Mall Points, or earning reputation from disciples for award center; You'll be tasked to kill bosses, mobs, various quests tasks to obtain In-Game Points(IGP) which is used to purchase items inside the IGS.
Enforcing Fair Play
If there's anything to be known for when it comes to ToP, it's that the security are unreliable. With plenty of occurrences of cheating, duping, and hacking. Instead of attempting to contain and hide problems and holes, We've directly rebuilt the system effectively fixing all known holes. With extensive back-logging, the consistency has never been more stable as our database remains clean and free from corruption.